Railway is considered to be one of the most reliable and stable means of transport. With its help, many goods from different countries of the world are delivered every day, even over the longest distances. The railways today are highly branched, so there is access to this transport in various cities of all countries. The railway holds a leading position in Ukraine in terms of the amount of cargo delivered. Rail transport is popular because it allows you to significantly save on transport costs.

In order to establish the process of delivery of goods, it is worth enlisting the support of a reliable partner, whom you will find in the face of our company. We guarantee the safety and timely delivery of your goods.

Rail transport: features of the service

Rail transport is more likely to deliver goods in large quantities as it has a high load capacity. In this way, they transport building materials, wood, metal, cement, equipment, oil products, cars, grain, etc. Small loads are also suitable for this purpose. Some of them only use this mode of transport.

But international rail transport is a complex logistics process. Reserving space for cargo, storing freight trains, reorganizing transport at transit stations, resolving customs matters – this is not a complete list of procedures that need to be dealt with. They require special knowledge in the field of logistics, accumulated experience, well-coordinated teamwork. Our experts are highly professional in the field of logistics services and are always ready to help.

The cost of the service is determined by various factors – these are the dimensions of the load itself, the need to secure it during reloading, loading / unloading, etc.

Railway Park

Various types of wagons are used for the transport of goods by rail:

  • cold stores – wagons with refrigerating chambers, which enable the delivery of food products that require special temperature storage conditions;
  • pouring. They are used for the transport of bulk cargo. They have an atypical design that keeps grain, cement, and other similar goods in transit;
  • tanks. Suitable for the transport of loose products. If the cargo is dangerous, tanks with several degrees of protection are used;
  • open wagons. With their help, coal, wood, poles etc are transported;
  • covered wagons. They are more often used for the delivery of consumer goods, food products, printed materials;
  • universal and matching platforms. They transport construction and agricultural machinery. Special fasteners are used to prevent arbitrary movement of the equipment.

The company also organizes container transport. We use 20 and 40 lb. containers, which allows for big savings. There is no need to order the entire wagon if the load takes up much less space. Closed containers can be easily transported using special equipment. The risk during unloading / loading is minimal.

What are the advantages of international rail transport

Cargo transportation by rail has a number of advantages:

By using this method of delivery, you can significantly save your budget when transporting large batches of goods. The cost of such a service is one of the lowest compared to other types;

versatility. Various types of cargo can be transported, including dangerous, perishable, special equipment;

stability. Difficult weather conditions do not prevent this type of transport from arriving on time. Provides transportation around the clock. The risk of force majeure situations is minimized as rail accidents are extremely rare;

cargo safety. You can choose the most suitable wagon for a specific type of product, which allows you to deliver your order in a fair and safe manner.

The dynamics of the growth of railway tracks indicates the prospects for this type of transport. Thanks to it, you can deliver goods even to the farthest corners of the world. Thanks to the extensive network of tracks, even the most complicated at first glance transport of goods is carried out by rail.

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